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A context menu add-on for Windows Explorer. Contains 3 extra add-ons for FREE.The way to bring your most needed folders to a current Windows Explorer's view in just 2 mouse clicks. Let your fingers rest!

Folder Size

Adds an extra column to the "Details" view of Windows Explorer (only Windows XP and earlier). It is FREE with source code written in Delphi.

3D Cover Box Designer

Add a 3D cover box image of your product to your web store! It is FREE!

Internet Tools

MC Internet Tools simultaneously performs Ping, Trace Route, HTTP GET, WHOIS and DNS Query requests. It is FREE for non-commercial use.

AutoMute Utility 1.0

AutoMute mutes speakers when you lock your workstation, or when screensaver starts. Mute turns off automatically when you unlock your workstation or exit screensaver.

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